Artist Profile

Hello. My name is Tuija Fagerlund.

I am an versatile Illustrator | Game Artist from Finland. I create a wide range of graphics for all of those fields. I am currently enjoying my work in a game industry but I also do illustrations as a freelancer. I breathe and live my 3 passions – illustrations, games and graphic design!

My goal is to create visually attractive illustrations. I am an expert at designing vector or graphical based illustrations and my style is mainly cartoonish and playful. I love 2D but I do some 3D art as well. I want to define the brand style that fits a unique identity for the product and design high-quality content. Simply, I love what I do: thinking, creating and solving problems. 

All of my work is done digitally with a graphics tablet. I am inspired by the comics, animals, Japan, games, funny real life funny observations etc.


As a person, I have a great sense of humor (if I can say so?) and I value quality of the work. With my entrepreneurial mindset I like to offer something a little different due to my eagerness for continuous development.

Please get in touch for more information: tuija [at]

See my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me

Thank you for reading!