I love playing games and am passionate about creating visually attractive art for the games: 3D, 2D, digital painting, and vector art. I am capable of adapting to various styles and I am quick to learn new tools. I also enjoy UX and UI design and I have participated in hobby-based game projects with the friends.

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Redecor – Home Designer’s Playground
Redecor – Home Design Game. 3D game art. Texture, scene, banner and brand design and including 3D modelling. The game starts with the white interior room, e.g. a living room, where the player assigns various materials to the objects. https://www.redecor.com/
All rights reserved to Playtika.

Recolor – Coloring Book Game
3D and 2D coloring page design and illustrations in various themes. I also worked in collaboration with the brands and I created coloring pages for them, for example, Kelloggs’, Cosmopolitan, and Lionsgate’s movies. https://www.recolor.com/
All rights reserved to Recolor.

Habbo game art
Pixel art of virtual goods, banners, UI graphics, landing page, illustrations and concept art. Also UX and UI design, new features for the game. https://www.habbo.com/
All rights reserved to Sulake.

Petra’s Planet
Petra’s Planet educational game series for kids, on web and mobile games. Game background art, game art assets, like clothes, furniture for the virtual world, and in-game banners, and web page layout design. In addition, children’s magazine design with the content, illustrations, and graphic design.
All rights reserved to Dramaforum Ltd.

Various icons for Palringo’s chat-based game for a football leagues, freelance work. Vector art. All rights reserved to Palringo.